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Voice: Male. Accent: Jamaican. Style: Jamaican, Patois. Explicit language: Yes. Accent: U. Category: British DJ drops, U. K voice tags. Explicit language: No.

Voice: Urban Male. Accent: American.

WE LOVE DANCE - 80s Warm Up (Mix by DJ Baddmixx)

Voice: Female. Explicit language:. Great work and the best prices!

Fully Custom DJ Intros

I always order DJ drops from them! I'm a professional DJ in. The drops are Top Notch!! Came in a bit skeptical, and now I'm a repeat customer! The site is easy to navigate and you WONT find a better price for the quality! At ThebeatbossHD.

We'll even give you the resources to learn how to make your own custom voice recordings, and so much more! DJ drop voices:. Dancehall DJ drops. Deep Voice DJ drops. Movie trailer voice. DJ drops. Radio drops. Order a DJ drop here. With a long list of satisfied customers, thebeatbosshd. Some Examples:. Bro… We Got You! We got that! Or, you want a voice with a gutter street sound to protect that stash of trap beats to sale online. Click to learn how to use voice tags.

All of the terminology being used today is very confusing. Custom Voice Recordings are not only used for all the terms mentioned above but also to deliver any intended message for any audio or video content where voices are needed. Any platform!How do we make the best dj drops in the world?

Okay, here it goes. Traveling through an Avalon processor before being sucked in by a high grade digital audio processor sent to a super loaded DAW recording at Khz turning the warm golden analog processed voice into a freakin' digital machete of audio packed with hi-def effects polished with precision with crisp EQ Mix and LOUD mastering delivered straight to your INBOX!!!

Tell the year-old on Fiverr to suck on that! I about lost my breath on that one. Professional Male, Female and Kid voices that give your drop that real, big voice, cut through radio imaging sound you're after. If you're a dj, or podcaster, sound is your identity! Audio is the content you serve, the quality of your drop needs to match the professionally mastered quality of the music you play, and WE GET IT.

So, If you're looking for custom dj drops, you want use a brand that provides a distinguishable, professionally mastered sound that is EQ'd in a way to enable your drop to be heard cleanly and clearly when played over a song. Here, at Commercial Kings our goal is to ensure our clients get top quality sound. We set the industry standard quality drop production while other companies struggle to match and imitate our quality and style.

We use the latest professional audio equipment and audio engineering software only found in major recording studios!!

custom dj mix

We create voice tags you will WANT to play as many times as you can, but don't play it too much, they say it gets annoying but who really cares what "They" say, who is "They" anyway? Our drops are anything but annoying. Our voice-overs and drops are straight up ear candy, they stand out and dominate mixes like how you dominate those other whack dj's who got their drops from some low budget drop website live from a mobile home recording studio.

Are you ready to take your voice overs to the next level? Are you ready to raise the bar in over all professional dj and mixshow branding? Are you ready for Lit dj drops? Yea, so are we! It's been our mission since the inception of Commercial Kings to provide value. That's why the majority of our customers are always coming back for more. Our extensive collection of voice over talent is sure to impress and open your mind to the possibilities of raw creativity.Customized DJ mixes can be used for all kind of events.

Whether you own a restaurant, bar, cafe, hotel or shop and you need custom DJ mixes for the right ambiance that fits your business experience. Or when you are in need for a customized and personalized DJ mix for a wedding, birthday, corporate event or any other kind of event custom DJ mixes can give you that extra uniqueness and exclusivity.

A custom DJ mix can be a DJ live set or a pre-sequenced well laid out mix with perfect and seamless transitions.

custom dj mix

Based on the needs and wishes of my clients i can deliver perfect customized mixes in high quality audio format for every need. This can be done in consultation about which tracks or genres are being used but this can also be based up on business concepts, ambiances and or a specific audiences.

Depending on what kind of tailored DJ mix you want you can deliver your own music selection in a list or let me do the sound ambiance and mood designing, the music curating as well as mixing everything together into one well balanced with perfect transitions customized DJ mix.

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Through the years my music library and experience has grown and crossed many genres and subgenres. All styles in music are within my reach. I do not only deliver professional custom DJ mixes that satisfy your needs. I also deliver my mixes in the best audio quality possible. Expect Kbps MP3 or higher in audio quality. The standard custom DJ mix is 1 hour long and contains between 10 and 15 tracks depending on the mixing style and genres.

custom dj mix

You deliver me a list with your preferred music tracks and i will do the mixing. Delivered in high quality audio. A customized 1,5 hours DJ mix with between 15 and 20 tracks delivered on a list by you. I will do the mixing and create a DJ mix with seamless transitions. All genres and mixing styles are included. This best sold custom DJ mixes package starts with a free consult where we discuss your wishes. Multiple mixes, all genres included.Each DJ Booth is hand crafted with ultimate attention to detail and built with the most durable materials so it lasts a lifetime.

With the highly customizable DJ Booth designs, each build comes out unique and specific to the client's needs and application.

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From completely custom builds and fabrications to standardized DJ booth and table designs that are portable, modular and ideal for mobile DJ use as well as stationary placement in nightclubs, hotels, casinos, yachts, studios, sports stadiums and arenas, or in your home studio.

Breaks apart and stores in flight case. The Classic DJ Booth is built with thick gauge aluminum extrusion. The Cube DJ Booth is light weight, and very mobile friendly.

It breaks apart into a flight case and assembles in minutes. The Modular Collection is comprised of the Cube DJ booth with wedge sections providing a fully custom modular setup. The Cube-2 DJ Booth has enclosed sides, shelving, and secured cabinetry built into the aluminum framework. The Cube-2 DJ Booth is built for shelving and storage in mind. With secured locking cabinetry and enclosed or open shelving. The C DJ Booth breaks down into components and fits into flight cases.

Making for a light-weight and portable assembly. It folds up, is lightweight, compact and portable. Cube-2 The Cube-2 DJ Booth has enclosed sides, shelving, and secured cabinetry built into the aluminum framework.

View All Products. Joey Keshishyan - Founder. News Events. X DJ Booth January 17, Portfolio Gallery. Modular Cube for Dubai October 20, MetroPCS December 13, Terry Golden — Denmark December 13, Find us.How will it be structured? How will you mix it? Today, guest contributor Chris Alker brings ten poignant tips for DJs crafting a new mix — with a number of great examples to listen to.

If he hits a groove that creates a stir, he will follow it to its logical conclusion.

Free DJ Drops Samples

If the dancers are looking tired, he may cool it off and play a downtempo track to encourage people to grab a drink. Such is the nature of playing to a live audience. On the contrary, making a DJ mix for a demo, podcast, radio show, or for that special someone you want to impress, is a different animal altogether.

The answer is simple, purpose. If your mix is going to be used to get a gig, mix it live.


You want the mix to represent what you can do live. If you are making a mix for a podcast or sale, using the computer to control every aspect of the mix is ideal for producing the most polished product. Sometimes recording live sets is the best way to promote a great party. Here is 4-hours from the latest party at Industry City:. Knowing your audience is a helpful tool for narrowing track selection, determining the appropriate length, and energy level.

A helpful tool dance music producers swear by is creating a diagram that illustrates the energy levels they are looking to reach throughout the course of the song. Applying the energy diagram to a mix can be just as helpful. His mix for DJhistory. Track selection is largely a product of personal taste and your target audience, whereas track order is determined by the energy levels you hope to achieve. DJ Rupture is notorious for weaving together an eclectic mix of sounds on three turntables for mind bending sets:.

If your mix has a mixed bag of genres, change it up transition-wise. While a some DJs have an innate sense about tracks that complement one another, others will find it frustrating without a good explanation. Mixing from one track to the next that is in the same or complimentary key. In his early DJTT article ! Unless you are looking to create discord, pun intended, mixing in key will improve the musicality of your set.

These keys will then serve as a reference for playing tracks in the same or complimentary key via harmoic mixing. When to start mixing in the next track and the length of the transition between tracks is really a case-by-case situation. A common error is to line up two tracks at the same BPM, but, despite dropping in on the one, start the track too early or too late creating an unintentional lull in the energy.

Knowing how one track ends and the next begins will be key to creating the right composition where the structure of one track compliments the next. This is good phrasing. For example, if one track builds up to a big drop at the peak of the song, you want to create space before the next drop in the next track. If the next track you choose drops too early, you could burn out your listener.

If you are using records you will need to review all your tracks before you begin. With Traktor or Serato, you can mirror the track playing onto the deck playing in your headphones and preview the end to help you choose the next track on the fly.

Take a listen to his mix for Musicis4lovers. Some feel that altering the songs with any creative combination of the above tools will destroy the purity of the tracks, while others will do everything in their power to bend the music to their will. The bottom line is that only by your own unique manipulation and mixing technique do you separate yourself from another DJ mixing the same tracks. Take a moment to watch a viral video of Techno pioneer Derrick May known for his heavy fader popping, EQing, and quick overlays.

His style is aggressive and instantly recognizable. Just take a listen to this live mix of his from Tokyo. The crowd response is palpable:.The Hoerboard Classic is a high class customized DJ stand. The power cables are invisibly integrated into the corpus. All audio ports are placed just above the floor and can be connected comfortably to local audio systems. Choose your favourite cover material for the MDF corpus.

Different high-quality veneer or hardened lacquer surfaces add your own personal touch. Make you stand out and configure your DJ table individual. Choose your favorite color or veneer surface.

House your turntables in battle or classic mode into your Hoerboard deck.

Create Your Own Mix

CDJs are welcome too. Feel free to add stands and other useful accessories you might need. We provide all standard audio ports for your DJ table.

Just pick any connectors you would like. The acrylic clip is the ideal place for your laptop. The CDJ clip, which is made from clear glass acrylic, can be attached easily underside of your Hoerboard.

We provide all standard audio ports for your DJ set up. Feel free to pick any connectors you would like. You need more space for your monitor speakers? Just add our chrome pole stands to your DJ configuration. Cover up your workstation with an almost invisible, stylish hood.

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Should you change your devices, just order new fitted insert for your new babies. The price includes the customized insert for your specific DJ devices, two audio ports and six power outlets.

custom dj mix

Euro 1. Shipping EU Price incl. Weight kg Dutch Orange RAL Apple Green RAL Traffic White RAL Basalt Grey RAL Laptop Clip The acrylic clip is the ideal place for your laptop.Anyone can build a cheer mix with 8CountMixer. Drag-and-drop songs, sound effects and voice overs onto an 8-count sheet, and press play to hear it instantly! Start My Mix! Browse our budget-friendly library of cheer mixes and download your favorite instantly!

These mixes can also be customized with voice overs. Let us create something specific for your team with our 10 vocalists and multiple producers. Life-changing stuff; you'll never go back to your previous music. CheerSounds is a group of music producers and engineers who love creating insanely high energy cheer music.

Lead by Carmine Silano, the team works every week of the year except Christmas! Each candidate is held up to the talents of any other producer in the music industry. They are tested on production knowledge, relative pitch, theory and efficient workflow. Forget about part-time cheer coaches cutting up iTunes songs.

We're here to create music. In addition to serving coaches and gym owners, CheerSounds licenses original compositions and cover recordings to may other cheer music providers through its online platform, SongsForCheer. We are born from cheerleading, music production, and software lots of it! This combination gives us the ability to create a unique approach to cheer music production, particularly the ability for coaches to build their own music without having prior knowledge about music editing or licensing.

The problem we unanimously saw was that cheer music was not matching the performance happening on stage. We were watching an exciting routine but listening to radio remixes. It didn't make sense to us; the industry should have its own type of music that fits the unique qualities of a cheer routine. Sincewe've built an unusually diverse team of producers, editors and software developers and customer service reps! We built the resources to create any song or sound we need, and we built the system to distribute it.

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Now, we can finally merge our ideas into your choreography. Our build-your-own-mix platform, 8CountMixer, is the worlds' only online cheer mix builder, and it's chock-full of millions of dollars of cheer remixes.

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It's the only platform that allows you to instantly hear your cheer mix edits from your phone! There's the whole copyright compliance thing, too, but we won't bore you with those details. I have not stopped listening to the music since you sent it to me. I am absolutely in LOVE with it. You guys went above and beyond. It is more than I would have ever expected. All the little details with the love and obsession theme are just perfect.

The girls are It makes them feel like a worlds team with such a custom mix. Even the parents are impressed. I cannot say enough good things about it. I'm just blown away.